Creative Images Wedding Agreement

Payment Schedule

  • A minimum deposit of 1/3rd of the wedding package chosen is due at the time your date is reserved,
  • another 1/3rd is due 60 days prior to your wedding date, and
  • the remaining balance due 7 day's prior to your date.

Please note if any deposits are not paid when due, this order may be canceled along with the penalties stated below. Photography and Videography fees for additional time if not reserved is between $100 and $200 per hour providing extra time is still available.

Any remaining balances not paid within 30 days after customer is notified that their order is ready for pick-up is subject to a 10% late charge and for each month there after.  (Please Note) to call us within 1 week prior to your wedding date for a final review of your wedding Photography & or Videography plans.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policies are as follows will be deducted from your deposit: up to 6O days before wedding date no charge, 6O days or less to the date of your wedding, deposit is 1OO% non-refundable. In the event a wedding is postponed, canceled or rescheduled for any reason whatsoever, cancellation fees shall be the same as stated above.

It is also understood that if we are interfered with by anyone else photographing or videotaping at your wedding we will not be responsible for any non completion of wedding photographs or video coverage.

Liability Limits

Although the utmost care will be taken with the handling of your wedding photographs and or video tapes, Creative Images limits any and all liability for loss, damage or failure to deliver photographs or dvd's or video tapes for any reason whatsoever to a full refund of any and all deposits paid.  . Customers are aware that Creative Images consist of Mike Colburn the owner photographer/videographer and his team of partner photographers and videographers as well.


All proofs, master digital images, negatives, master video-tapes and copyrights remain the property of Creative Images including  any and all display,  advertising and publishing rights unless stated otherwise on this agreement. 

Thank you

Thank you once again for choosing Creative Images we realize you have a choice in Photographers and Videographers and we look forward to working with you in bringing lasting memories for years to come. If any other questions or changes  should come about in regard to the above information please contact us. 


We the bride & groom, or responsible parties representing them agree and find acceptable all terms & conditions as specified above and acknowledge this by clicking the order button on the preceding page.