Our Videography Services

To insure you problem free video coverage we take a minimum of two Commercial Broadcasting HD Video Cameras on every job we do. All of our cameras and equipment include the latest in state of the art equipment to insure you the best and highest quality video production that can be done.


Manager and head of our videography department is Raul Arbiso with over 26 years experience in the shooting and production of weddings, corporate and sport events we are proud to have him as head of our videography team.


Our Videography Rates

Our HD video shooting rates are $150 for each hour and includes travel to within 25 miles of our location, all footage transferred to a HD-DVD and or youtube. Please note these services do not include any kind of editing or custom titling.


Extra Video Camera and cameraman.

Our rate is a $125 per hour for a second camera and also includes transferring to a HD-DVD. this rate is also without editing or titling.


Showroom of Sample Videos

We welcome you to come in and view samples of as many videos as you would like. Please call for an appointment. Our days and hours are Monday through Friday 10:am to 8:pm.

Other Video Services We Offer

Transfer your old video tapes to DVD and save them while they can still be played, as tapes have a limited shelf life and DVD's do not. Tape formats that we can transfer to DVD include VHS, Hi-8-MM, and 8-MM. Our rate is $25.00 per hour, for straight recording to DVD.

To Reserve Your Date

Please call or text Mike directly at 714-287-9387 to see if your date is available? After confirming we will complete your reservation my email or phone and will require a minimum 50% deposit to hold a particular date. Thank you for considering us and we look forward to serving you.!